Sunday, September 7, 2008

What's Up in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

Thomas Riggins

FYI-- Well America's "ally" has a new president-- Asif Ali Zardari (husband of Benazir Butto by an arranged marriage) also known as Mr. Ten Percent for his bribe taking. What is the state of his country? Here are some facts:

50% of the people don't have clean drinking water.
Infant mortality is 67 per 1000 births.
Life expectancy is 64 years.
Fertility rate: about 4 babies per woman.
Only 50% of the people can read.
Only 36% of the woman can read!
Average educational level: 7th Grade (6th for girls who go to school).
2.6% of the budget goes to education yet the government can afford to maintain nuclear weapons.
The industrial proletariat makes up 20% of the work force.
There is an active Communist Party in Pakistan (see PA on line articles from the CPP of July 18 and June 11, 2008).
The US is now spreading its Iraq/Afghan war into the border regions of Pakistan by attacking and killing civilians inside Pakistan.
We must increase our calls for an immediate withdrawal of all American troops from the area.