Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Music Review; Van Zandt and Earle

Townes Van Zandt and Steve Earl at the Blue Bird

Eric Green

Traveling on airplanes and using an iPod can be very useful. My iPod has practically all of my CDs on it.

I went back in time to listen to a CD by the amazing and brilliant Townes Van Zandt; and his partner then, Steve Earle. Earle has gone on to become an icon of folk and country singing.

Townes had a short by very productive career. He ended his own life which ended out insights into his great writing and performing; and our own lives.

This album, please get it, is a live performance at the legendary Blue Bird Cafe in Nashville Tennessee.

On the CD he sings his icon song Tecumseh Valley about the life and short lives of coal mining families. Everytime I here it is sends me back.

His ballad to his daughter Katie Belle should be a standard for all 4 year olds and environs.

Earle sings his songs Mercenary Song and Dublin Blues both of which showed at this stage in his life, he brilliance.

There are 20 songs on the CD.

Be sure to make this CD part of your collection.