Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Franco's Fascism Finally Fully revealed

Franco's Fascism Finally Revealed by Spain's Government

Mike Tolochko

After decades of hiding the most criminal acts of fascism, the Spanish government; its Socialist head; has released historical information about the tens of thousands of Spanish Republicans AND THEIR FAMILIES, INCLUDING CHILDREN, murdered in cold blood.

The true face of Franco's fascism with explicit support from the German Nazis and implicit support from corporate and right wingers in England, France and the United States must not be forgotten.

The location of mass graves have been revealed.

As many as 4,500 men, women, and children's skeletons have been found, in each grave uncovered, in the South of Spain. Fifteen graves have been found; so far.

In a special issue of the magazine, Historia, these revelations are shown. (No. 39, 3.60)

Also displayed are never seen before photos of Republican posters. They are amazing.


The main article is entitled Gernika!

These photos and revelations MUST be exposed in the similar magazines in the US!