Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Communist Party of Pakistan Statement

Political Situation of Pakistan

Pakistan has entered into a democratic period after passing through a long interval of military dictatorship. After 1977 president house has remained occupied, directly or indirectly, by representatives of Civil or Military Bureaucracy even when a government setup was civilian apparently. Now it can be hoped, after Mr. Asif Ali Zardari's election as president of Pakistan, that the president house will not work as center of conspiracies and intrigues. Now, when the two offices of prime minister and president have been filled with elected representatives of people, it is their responsibility to keep the conspiring elements of civil military bureaucracy at a distance. They should accept the mandate given to democratic forces at different levels. They have to avoid the past undemocratic attitude of destabilizing the elected provincial governments. An elected civilian setup has emerged after a very protracted people's struggle and the gains of this struggle have to be protected by all means. It is the joint responsibility of ruling coalition, parliamentary democratic forces, democratic forces outside parliament and Pakistani people to consolidate the hard earned democracy.

The newly elected government has to address certain problems faced by people on priority basis. Spiral of price hike, unemployment, poverty, decreasing purchasing power of middle class, menace of terrorism and scarcity of fundamental requirements of life have forced the common man to live a sub-human life. Masses expect an improvement in shortest possible time. Government will also have to take suitable long-term steps to give correct direction to internal and external policies. Restoration of original constitution of 1973, giving maximum autonomy to provinces, fighting militancy by administrative and political steps, making judiciary completely independent, decreasing dependence on International Monetary Institutions to minimum possible level, guarantying minimum wages to industrial and farms workers and necessary legislation for protecting their rights, restarting closed industrial units, giving equal rights to different religious communities and weaker segments of the society, making education free up to intermediate level and decreasing the cost of higher education, restoring confidence of people having separatist tendencies due to denial of their due rights for prolong period, implementing agricultural reforms announced during past periods, changing the privatization policy so as to keep services and profitable industry in public sector and immediate discontinuation of the blind process of selling the national assets, and stopping the policy of subservience to United States of America are some of the prerequisites for progress and prosperity of the country.

Since the establishment of real democratic order and its consolidation is the common responsibility of all democratic forces, it is the duty of democratic forces outside parliament and specially those of left to try to transform the elected civilian government into real democratic one. To organize joint activities on the basis of a minimum program will be a good start in that direction. Organizing peasant, labour and democratic conferences will help in protecting the seedling of democracy from anti-democratic forces, specially military establishment and their allies i.e. International Monetary Institutions and International Imperialism. Government should also avoid trying to silence the voice of dissent. It should encourage positive criticism and should help grow democratic and left forces. If the creation of hurdles for political movements by intelligence agencies and their assistance to negative forces is not stopped, it may result, with the active involvement of America, in a very dangerous polarization of political forces in near future. We may, thus, witness emergence of two distinct camps comprising all fundamentalist and anti-democratic forces having Jihadi culture and right of center political parties on one side and all pro America so called liberal forces and ruling coalition on the other side. The two diagonally opposed forces may create anarchy in the name of fighting America or defeating fundamentalism. In this situation military generals may be tempted to takeover the reins of government in their hands and this may also effect the country's geography.

Issued by Central Secretariat
Communist Party of Pakistan
Dated: 7/9/2008