Friday, September 5, 2008

New Book on Immigration by David Bacon

Illegal People: Globalization, Migration and Criminalization

By David Bacon

Through interviews and on-the-spot reporting from both impoverished communities abroad and American immigrant workplaces and neighborhoods, David Bacon shows how the United States’ trade and economic policy abroad, in seeking to create a favorable investment climate for large corporations, creates conditions to displace communities and set migration into motion. Trade policies and immigration are intimately linked, Bacon argues, and are, in fact, elements of a single economic system.

Bacon analyzes NAFTA’s corporate tilt as a cause of displacement and migration from Mexico and shows how criminalizing labor benefits employers. He traces the development of illegal status back to slavery and shows the human cost of treating the indispensable labor of millions of migrants – and the migrants themselves – as illegal. He calls for considering immigration and migration from a globalized human rights perspective.

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