Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sarkozy's Future Change

September 2008

France Suffering With Sarkozy's "Change Campaign" Promise

Mike Tolochko

When Nicholas Sarkozy campaigned to be become the president of France he said their needed to be complete break from Chirac and the Socialists. He even formed his own political party.

The French are now living with his idea of change

One more example of his change idea is to reduce the number of hours public school children will have:

All students are required in school: Monday; Tuesday; Thursday and Friday: A half day on Saturday was also required. Wednesday was optional for localities to determine:

Now; under Sarkozy's "Euro Neo Liberal"; Saturday is finished for all kids under 12 years old; and the others are not fare behind. This eliminates 4 hours out of the school week.

Those familiar with these kinds of cutbacks will tell you that this paves the way for a privatization of education. These cutbacks; in the USA; , worsen education. The quality goes way down. And then out from behind the screen comes the French version of Charter Schools. This will further divide the working class to the benefit of those in power.

Sarkozy's mission of change was always been a cover for corporate profits.

The elimination of 35,000 teaching jobs under the umbrella of savings is the centerpiece of this conspiracy.

Stay tuned.