Tuesday, September 9, 2008

French soccer in trouble

French Soccer in Crisis

by Mike Tolochko

This weekend, around the world, national soccer teams began the vying for positions for the year 2010 World Cup, taking place in South Africa.

In France, the period looks very bleak.

On Saturday nite, a very poorly regarded Austrian team beat the French national team; 3 to 1. And in defeat, the French team looked in disarray.

Zindone, the most popular soccer player is retired. Theirry Henry is still playing but deemed to be too old to really compete. He looked good on Saturday night, but not like before.

The coach, Raymong Domenech, a close friend of the French soccer Association president, is becoming very unpopular. That relationship is very unpopular.

The French national team won the World Cut in 1998 and lost to Italy in the last World Cup. This year they may not make it to the European qualifying representation round to the World Cup final episodes.

PS Zindone, the player who really screwed up in the World Cup final against Italy, while retired, is still very popular. He was born to Algerian parents in the poorest nieghborhood of Marseilles, the kind of place where most soccer players are from.