Thursday, September 11, 2008

Opening Nite at the Fete' de l'Humanite'

Opening Night at the Fete' de l'Humanite'

Mike Tolochko

The yearly gathering of French Communists, other leftists, and those seeking a good time is now officially underway. And what better way to get it going than a strong rain downpour? It seems when there is a Fete' there is major rain storms. This year will be no different.

Convening at the Le Bourget of the Parc Department of de la Courneuve, a little bit down from its original spot of many years, militants and many other vendors have been setting up their massive tents inviting people to enjoy great food, debate the ideas of the day and otherwise enjoy the end of summer and the beginning of another round of street demonstrations against the Sarkozy government's attack on the living standards of people in France. In fact today there was a limited but effective strike by school and higher education teachers across France.

Euro neo liberal policies attacking public services is high on French president Nichçlos Sarkozy. Post Offices, health facilities, schools-- all schools, and other traditional public services in France are being drastically cut back; even though the policies have been greeted with demonstrations throughout France. And Sarkozy's popularity has fallen to its lowest depths.

Soi,e booths are staffed by regional organizations of the French CP. The Noisy le Sec town of over 40,000 greeted rain soaked Fete' participants with a light snack and good French drink. The head of the FCP also had some words of encouragement.

The Fete' goes for 3 days, Sept 12, 13 and 14th. It is usually the second weekend of September.

Stay tuned!!