Monday, September 1, 2008

Book Review: End of Summer Reading

Book Review: End of Summer Reading

A Test of Wills
Charles Todd
Harper Mystery
1996; First Paperback printing, 2007

Eric Green

The Charles Todd, Ian Rutledge mysteries had as they're beginning this great psychological thriller, A Test of Wills.

Todd has written over 10 mystery novels featuring Ian Rutledge a London investigator who has just returned from the brutal, devastating World War and the infamous Battle of Somme.

The very interesting aspect of the Todd mysteries is his intertwining of the aftermath of the war with the murder mysteries he devices.

The books are each about 300 pages and are nicely priced at $7.99 US.

In this book a decorated hero returns to marry is long time sweetheart only to face possible murder charges when his wife to be guardian is murdered. The complex set of circumstances follows and they are well worth the reading.