Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Impact of Sarkozy's Postal Closings

Sarkozy's Postal Closings Hurts Those Who Need

A National Institution Threatened

Mike Tolochko

With Euro Neo Liberalism running rampant in France under Nicholas Sarkozy, those most in need of vital services are put at grave risk.

The local post office, a mainstay for the elderly; disabled, unemployed and poor, is being closed. Why is this so?

The post office is where pension and other government checks can be cashed WITHOUT FEES. Of course, the mailing of documents takes place; also. Many communities are organized around the local post office.

Well over 600 are being closed. and in medium size towns the hours open are being reduced drastically.

This is part of the reduction in government services taking place across the board.

Now; the Sarkozy government is encouraging private business to take up these functions; AND CHARGE FOR THEM.

It seems like a small privatization step, but along with the CREEPING privatization in the health system and elsewhere, it is a national crisis.

On Thursday, there will be national demonstrations in all schools protesting the cutbacks in teachers and administrators.

Stay tuned.