Friday, September 19, 2008

Interview With George Marinos, Greek Communist Party

PA Interview with: George Marinos,
In Charge of Trade Union Work, Greek Communist Party
The Struggle for the Working Class Brings Growth and Success

by Mike Tolochko

George Marinos is the charge of trade union work for the Greek Communist Party. The Party's headquarters are in the working class part of Athens. The area used to have warehouse and factories.

Approaching and entering the Party's offices you are struck by the size and power it represents.

It is a very large building with a few sections. There is the television station which has a full news gathering staff; studios which are digital and fully up to date; and a on air presence across Greece; and a small hotel. The facilities are quite impressive.

In the court yard is a bust of VI Lenin.

The reception area has a large artistic mural by a famous Greek artists. Also, posters and slogans highlighting the events of the day. Lenin is portrayed on all posters.

Then there are the large meeting rooms for the Central Committee; and, the very impressive 1,000 seat ampitheatre with its up to date audio visual abilities.

The other floors are the offices and meetings room the Party needs to function.

Marinos is also a member of Parliament representing the Communist Party of Greece.

PA: Please tell us a little about the history of the Party.

GM: The Greek Communist Party is celebrating its 90 anniversary this year. The Communist Party Youth is celebrating its 40th year. We have been through a long history of struggle for growth and survival. Time doesn't permit a long explanation, we will refer you to a more detailed description. Our comrades have faced imprisonment, death and illegal status. Also, there have been defections. Full legal status as a Communist was not won until 1974. It wasn't until 1962 that known Communists could hold a job. But, through this all, we are here.

In our last Greek election, our party got 8% of the vote which gave us 22 in the Parliament. We hold 3 seats in the European Parliament.

PA: To what do you attribute your advances?

GM: Our party is a Marxist Leninist Party. We are always putting forward the struggles and issues facing the working classes. We always seek a united working class through the struggles of the trade unions. That is why we support a strong and expanding World Federation of Trade Unionists. Unity is our Party is always our goal. Our enemies often ask how we survive and grow? We tell them the same. They may not like our political line and our successes, but we have their full respect.

PA: Where has your growth come from?

GM: Recently even social democratic forces are joining our Party. Of course, workers through their trade union experience, especially the left federation, PAME, are seeing the need for Communist Party.

PA: The discussion then went to the upcoming meeting being sponsored by PAME that will address the problems of immigration. This is a continuing theme as expressed by Marinos. Tomorrow, African tade unionists and PAME unionists will be meeting with representatives of the WFTU to discuss and propose solutions to immigration and work.

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