Saturday, September 13, 2008

Part II on Health and France

13 September 2008

Euro Neo Liberalis Promotes Health Cutbacks And Profits by Using US Failed Health Policies

Mike Tolochko

Part II of the "Sicko Report" puts into perspective the radical, anti people health policy changes that the Sarkozy government is attempting to install in the social solidarity system of France. They follow the similar changes that former UK prime minister Tony Blair and now Howard Brown; tried to install in the English national health service. The UK Labor Party had to ease off on its most radical changes, but the fundamental changes continue.

In the UK it was the horrendous New Labour Party that did the bad deeds. In France its the right wing Sarkozy government. If the Royal Socialists had, it is not clear if they would have acted any differently.

For those in the United States familiar with the attempt to cut costs by attacking the very people for who the health system was intended, this is nothing new. Blaming patients for overusing services is a giant lie. But, after the outrageous corporate profits in health during the 1990s; all from these government cutbacks; then the corporateers called their system managed care.....through limits of services; co-pays for services; high premiums for coverage; and other things like cutting back on hospital beds and closing community health see the French system impose the same failed tricks and maneuvers is a disaster.

The reasons for the problems in our health systems is NOT blaming the victims; those in need of services, that they overuse the services. That is just a big lie that the corporateers and their mass media keeps perpetuating itself. The focus must be on the failed anti public sector policies of the International Monetary Fund, the World Trade Org and the World Bank. In Europe it is the European Union doing the dirty work; and with Sarkozy chairing the EU for 6 months he wants to leave his anti-people, pro-corporate mark.

It is these international organizations which seek to expand the power of insurance and drug companies, medical supply and equipment companies and financial banks who profit off these cutbacks in the public systems. Cutting back and eliminating public services is still the cry of these organizations of profit.

So, while Sarkozy's bother will profit from the cutbacks that his brother Nicholas will be imposing, the stakes are far higher.

There has never been more reaons for the expanding of the social solidarity of the French to beyond its borders for the whole world!