Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Public Transport in France leads the Way

Public Transport Leads the Way in France: Neo Liberalism Not Yet Killing It

by Mike Tolochko

Tom Kenny's excellent article in the PWW gives chapter and verse on the need for greater public transportation.

In France; they have it all covered and linked.

High speed TGV trains link the major cities and then linked to regional fast trains.

All trains are equipped with inside stands for bikes, and; they are used.

All trains are clean and well maintained. One set back was the recent privatization of the food service which really put back French food levels.

Of course the Paris Metro still excells. Recently the RER, suburban lines were expanded to bring them more fully linked to the Metro.

For US politicians to really do something about energy conservation, public transportation is key. And keep in mind, the French loves their cars as much as those in the States!

But, and it is BIG BUT!

It is not enough to buy nice looking trains; the US already has those.

The Key is stronger road beds for the trains. And, once built, to maintain them. That is the key to it.

To be able to go high speed, there must be a safe road bed to sustain speeds of 120 miles per hour.