Sunday, February 3, 2008

President McCain?

Thomas Riggins

I just watched Meet the Press where we were informed that national polls are saying that in a Clinton vs McCain election she gets 46% and he gets 49%, Obama vs McCain has the reverse figures. Both figures are within the standard deviation so this makes the race a 50/50 proposition.

What have the Democrats done to have blown their previous lead and set us up for another Republican President? Is it Pelosi's fault for not going for impeachment and repudiating the war? It can be argued that the Democrats were elected to get rid of Bush and end the war and that they have in fact only been enabling Bush.

Will this great disillusionment bring about a McCain presidency? What can be done to forestall what would be a disaster not just for the US but for the rest of the world as well? Let's hope Ralph sits this one out!


Joel said...

I think it is fair to say those numbers are meaningless. They are compiled absent the benefit of a campaign, which as we have seen over the last month or so can dramatically change public opinion.

Thomas Riggins said...

It's true that early polls like this don't often correlate with election results, but it shows that about half of the voters are presently inclined to vote for a Republican for president and, considering what is at stake, that should worry progressives. If we become complacent what should be a slam dunk election may turn out to be up for grabs or worse. I think this especially so since McCain, who was considered a dead duck just a few months ago, is experiencing a surge in popularity not only with Republicans, but also with independents. I hope you're right about this being meaningless but I'm an early fidgeter and fear the Congress may be too cozy with Bush and this will hurt progressives in the general election.

normanmarkowitz said...

I think that both Tom and Joel have decent points. The numbers mean pretty much nothing at this point, but McCain is dangerous, in part because some do see him as an enemy of Bush, people are being told that he is not right-wing enough for the conservatives, and this in a perverted way helps him with voters who are anti-Bush and anti-rightwing. McCain has a record though, as a conservative Republican as that term was used in this country at least until the 1980s and 1990s. He is "proud" to be a Reagan Republican, an all out champion of the military industrial complex, and a champion of solving economic problems by giving large corporations more freedom and power. These are positions which he can be beaten badly on as the campaign develops

warrengreer said...

The best way to keep Ralph (Nader)
out of the race would be for the
Democrats to distinguish clearly between themselves and the bush bunch apologists, something the DLCC, et al., have NOT done. The difference between being in Baghdad for 100 years and farting around for 100 years is not enough for the rank and file voter.