Monday, February 11, 2008

Kiss of Death

This weekend Bush endorsed John McCain. "His principles are sound," Bush told is FOX News interlocutor.

Sound principles? Endless war in Iraq, a war based on a lie and costing the lives of 4,000 US troops and more than $1 trillion in treasure. Endless tax cuts for the extremely rich, while gutting public services for working families to pay for them. Endless militaristic US intervention around the world. Endless talk about the "addiction to oil" while giving huge tax breaks to big oil and doing little or nothing to promote alternative energy. Endless attacks on reproductive rights, appointments of extremist right-wing judicial activists to federal courts, slashing public schools, and environmental protection?

McCain's refusal to stand up in the Senate early last week to vote on a Senate economic stimulus package that would have found new funding for several important programs that would have put money into the hands of the people who need it most during a recession – working families – sums up his "sound principles." The bill was killed by Republican filibuster, when his vote could have ended the filibuster and forced an up or down vote. But he sat on the sidelines, when working families needed an advocate the most.

Sound principles? I don't think so.

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