Sunday, February 17, 2008

Puerto Rican Gov. Anibal Acevedo-Vila Endorses Obama

According to a recent press statement from Acevedo-Vila's office:

Today I announce my endorsement of Senator Barack Obama for President of the United States. Not only is he the right leader for Puerto Ricans, but he is the right leader for the Hispanic community and the right leader to unite all Americans. He has the determination to make our collective future great.

Senator Obama demonstrates the strongest commitment to Puerto Rico that we have seen in recent times in U.S. politics. Most importantly, he has pledged to me that as President he will work to advance job creation and economic development in Puerto Rico – my highest priorities as Governor.
Senator Obama respects and supports Puerto Ricans' right to an unbiased, transparent self-determination process, which may include a constitutional convention or plebiscite, should Puerto Ricans reevaluate our status with the United States. He rejects the recent assertions made by a controversial Presidential Task Force on Puerto Rico which falsely declared our Commonwealth status as unconstitutional and which would force Puerto Ricans to choose between only statehood and full independence from the United States. Senator Obama believes that our fate as U.S. citizens should remain in our own hands.
Puerto Rico holds its primary on June 1, and its 63 delegates will indeed play a role at the Democratic convention.

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