Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Fort Collins, Colo. caucus packed

By Roy Bath

There were so many cars parked illegally, and so many people, the biggest problem was making sure that everyone who wanted to participate did; and they all did at my precinct caucus in Ft. Collins, Colorado. The attendance was the largest ever: 161 people. This is for one precinct!

There were 11 delegates for our precinct available. There were a few Kucinich people and some undecided, but neither group had enough for a delegate; you needed at least 22 votes to obtain one delegate. There were all kinds of people there, young, old, people in white shirts, people with rings in their noses and their ears, and lips. The diversity was heartwarming. After making sure everyone who wanted to participate was in this room at a Junior High the voting took place. Obama had over 120 votes and took all eleven delegates.

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