Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Virginia Vibe – Vavavavoom!

Barack Obama carried the state of Virginia tonight with a huge victory of at least 27 points over Hillary Clinton.

Obama decisively won among women and men, seniors and youth, rural and city folk, all incomes.

As important is the fact that Democratic voters turned out in double the numbers of Republican voters, hinting at some basis in fact behind the growing suspicion that Virginia is shifting from a solid blue state to a battleground (or even red) state in 2008.

Virginia voters have elected a Democratic governor two terms in a row, recently split party control of a once Republican-dominated state legislature, and voted for populist and anti-war Democratic Senator Jim Webb. Former Democratic Governor Mark Warner has a real shot to replace Sen. John Warner (R) in the 2008 elections.

Virginia is a state that could fall into the blue column this fall. Especially, if Sen. Obama's verbal slip during his victory speech last Saturday in which he suggested an Obama-Kaine (Virginia's current governor) ticket this fall comes true.

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