Thursday, February 7, 2008

What Happened in Massachusetts

By Gary Dotterman

The Super Tuesday election in Massachusetts gave Hillary Clinton 56% of the voter because of a larger turn out of women voters. Barack Obama won 41% of the vote statewide but won the cities of Boston, Cambridge and North Hampton, Amherst, and other areas like Cape Cod. Women, Latino and a section working class voters were for Hillary. The Black and white community in Boston and Cambridge pushed Obama in the winners circle for the cities. The machine of the governor did not deliver and the Boston Mayor’s machine failed Hillary. All and all the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, is a divided state Clinton gaining 53 Delegates and Obama 33 Delegates. John Edwards got 2% of the vote.

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Andrew said...

The outcome in Mass is, I think, instructive. Why do many lower income working-class people vote for Hillary while it appears that a great many high-income progressive dems and independents go for Barack?
Isn't it that there is something frightening in Barack's message for the oppressed? Dare we 'hope' and 'dream'
we -the working poor? We have been betrayed in our political hopes so often! Hillary's policy-heavy addresses and no-crap demeanour promise only incremental redress of specific injuries. She is therefore a believable option for the struggling.
I think Barack must come down off his intense idealistic addresses to a certain extent when looking for the working-class base. They don't want a "savior" or "caesar" --but a believable government that tilts to the traditional Democratic voter. I find no discussion of the danger of floating into Office on top of a hyper-rhetorically inflated discourse about "The American Dream". Let us get back to realities.
Andrew Taylor