Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Inevitability loses

Considering Hillary Clinton was the inevitable winner of the primary, this is quite a night for the Barack Obama campaign.

"Our time has come," Obama told the packed hotel ballroom full of supporters. "What started out as a whisper in Iowa has now swelled to a chorus that won't be deterred."

And that's the long and the short of it. Whoever is nominated is going to be influenced by the explosive movement for change. And that change has some content.

"If I am your nominee," Obama says, "I will put an end to politics of fear and use the 9/11 challenge to unite America against our common threats terrorism and nuclear weapons, poverty, genocide and disease. It won't be easy. It will require struggle and sacrifice. There will be setbacks and we'll make mistakes. And we need all the help we can get. Help us prove ordinary people can do extraordinary things."

The economy, health care and Iraq remain the top issues on voters' minds. And all the slicing and dicing by race, income, gender, age will come in the morning and be talked about to death perhaps missing the big picture. There's arising going on. It's not enough to just beat the GOP and their agenda of endless war, corporate greed and corruption, racism and oppression, people want to vote for something positive.

Seeing Idaho, North Dakota, Kansas, Alaska and Utah go for Obama makes you pause – even if they don't have a lot of delegates – they have a lot of symbolism. As does the senator's win in Alabama and Georgia.

Connecticut was a nice surprise. And the Show-Me State of Missouri is being called for Obama.

Then there were the states Obama didn't win but got a respectable vote and that will mean delegates from every part of the country. In New York he got 40 percent; they are projecting 55/45 split for Clinton in California. He won so far 11 states yet Clinton has more delegates. No inevitability there.

As predicted - nothing is settled in this Super-dooper Tuesday on the Democratic side. But it does look like John – stay 100 years in Iraq – McCain is going to be the GOP nominee.

- Terrie Albano

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MObama said...

From twenty points behind, Obama came storming back to win in Missouri!

Stasi said...

I don´t like Ronald Reagan...if you know what I mean.

Anonymous said...

The "blog" and other online stuff is looking and reading very well. With my slight omitted Minnesota from the list of states that went for Obama(naturally I noticed)...and it was
2-1 Obama, at that.

all best,