Tuesday, February 5, 2008

[Update] CNN Refusing to Call Alabama for Obama

Their data shows him with a 35 point lead with about 10 percent reporting at 8:45 pm [update: 38 point lead with 15% reporting at 9:15 pm]. Perhaps they don't want to strongly influence west coast voters? They called Georgia and Illinois based on exit polls of a few hundred people.

Exit polling data also shows Democratic women voters almost outnumbering men 3-2 in Alabama, of which the polling data shows Obama to have won 52 to 42. What's up with that?

9:08 pm: Arkansas, Tennessee, New York, and Massachusetts are lining up with Clinton. Illinois, Georgia, and Alabama (despite the obvious non-call by the networks) and probably Kansas are lining up with Obama.

New Jersey, Missouri, Connecticut, and Delaware are too close to call [Update 9:15 pm put Delaware in the Obama column too]. [Update] Put Kansas, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Idaho in Obama's win column (9:38). Just don't tell CNN or MSNBC.

Wojcik is on a roll.

[update]: Alabama falls for Obama at 9:33 pm eastern standard time.

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