Tuesday, February 5, 2008

And the Winner Is?

By Joe Sims

Looks like Obama is going to win in Illinois, Georgia, Alabama, Delaware, Minnesota, North Dakota, Idaho, Kansas, Connecticut, Colorado, Utah. Connecticut was surprise, but Massachusetts was expected to go for Mrs. Clinton despite Kennedy’s endorsement.

The vote in Georgia was really encouraging, with Obama securing 40 percent of the white vote which combined with over 80 percent of the African American ballots was winning coalition. However in another southern state, the Black white coalition did not fair as well. Did Al Gore stand up and take a stance? I don’t think so. No wonder he couldn’t carry his state in the last election.

Obama’s showing in the far west and deep South bodes well, however it’s not universal as Oklahoma shows. Still strong votes in states with small African American populations shows the attempt to marginalize his campaign have failed. In fact, it may have backfired in so far as it energized the Black vote and peeled away some support among whites for Clinton. So far I haven’t seen any reports on turnout, with the exception of Oklahoma where it was said to be massive.

Also the last minute bid by certain elements in Connecticut to paint Obama as anti-abortion has failed as the state was just called for the Illinois senator.

Hard to say how it’s going to end but I’m still California dreaming. However I just saw a poll on the Daily Kos which at Clinton win 53 percent to 41 percent in California. This pollster (SUSA) got all the other races tonight right.

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