Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Surprise! Illinois goes to Obama

This from an Obama voter hotline volunteer in Illinois.

It was a room jammed with 100 people. A constant whirl of activity with people answering the phone from voters in all the Super Tuesday states.

It was nonstop, all-day. Most people called to ask whether they were registered, or where there polling place was. Many reported a heavy turnout. And there were so many who were first time voters and so excited to be a part of this history.

The other volunteer headquarters was jammed packed making calls into places like Colorado.

Look for the piece on CBS - because 60 Minutes cameras were filming the voter hotline.

Seconds after the Illinois polls closed Chicago TV stations were calling Illinois for Sen. Obama. The question will be if Hillary Clinton takes any districts that win her Illinois delegates.

--Teresa Albano, Editor, People's Weekly World/Nuestro Mundo, www.pww.org

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Joel said...

I just talked to my friend whose sister lives in Illinois, way down south in Collinsville, near St. Louis, who said turnout is high in both places. She voted for Obama.