Monday, February 4, 2008

Stop Subservience to U.S. in Dealing with Financial Crisis

The global stock market meltdown occurred in the wake of the U.S. sub-prime mortgage meltdown that begun last summer, followed by the U.S. real economy gradually entering a recessionary stage since late last year.

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normanmarkowitz said...

While I appreciate what the Japanese Communist Party is saying, it is important to remember that the policies that it is condemning do not represent the interests of "The United States and the business circles" but the interests of the U.S. ruling class and its allied ruling classes, including the Japanese ruling class. Supporting the interests of the people means supporting and prioritizing the interests of the working people internationally, fighting both the U.S., Japanese, and other capitalist monopolies who are parasitically controlling world resources, exploiting cheap labor outside the developed world, and creating the global crisis of overproduction. The deregulatory policies of rightwing U.S. governments, which have aided and abetted great financial swindles and disasters, have played a special role in developing this crisis, just as rightwing U.S. governments trade and loan policies played a role in intensifying the world depression of the 1930s, but these are examples of a general international crisis which should be fought by Communists particularly through international solidarity and the development of programs to protect labor and the working class generally on an international basis