Tuesday, February 5, 2008

New York City: Rain can't dampen voter spirits

by Libero Della Piana, New York City

Some voting precincts here in New York City reported long lines early in the morning before the 6 am start to the primary elections. That wasn't the case though in East Harlem as turnout seemed slim due to rain and heavy mist. Some poll workers predicted bigger numbers for the evening commute. Polls close at 9 pm here.

The Democratic Primary is proportionally decided in New York State and there are over 151 delegates at stake, a big chunk towards the 2,025 required to win the nomination at the Democratic Convention. While Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-NY) is popular and well-known in her home state, there has been a big grassroots momentum for Sen. Barack Obama (D-IL) here as well. Some voters reported this morning that they were torn between two historic candidates.

Obama campaign volunteers were flyering voters as they made there way into polling places on 115th Street. A Latinos for Obama poster was prominent in the bodega window across the street. A group of African American women stopped on the corner to talk with me and some others about the pros and cons of Obama and Clinton. One said, "either way, we're a winner."

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