Tuesday, February 5, 2008

First blog for "Super Tuesday"

by Norman Markowitz

[in New Jersey]

It is 12:38 am and things are getting interesting.

Senator Obama and his supporters held a big rally yesterday in the Meadowlands where the Super Bowl winning Giants play yesterday. Young people here at Rutgers who are interested in the campaign are for Obama. How many will vote is another question. Activists that I am speaking to are either for Obama or for nobody on the grounds that you can't trust the Democrats(one wrote me, "we have no money," meaning the left, but she is supporting Obama anyway).

A few people, mostly older people, are supporting Hillary Clinton on the grounds that she can win not so much on Hillary Clinton's attacks on Obama's policies. They also talk about her experience, which she is pushing hard in her commercials. When I ask them what she ever accomplished with her experience, they don't really know, but they repeat that she has experience.

My first Super Tuesday impression. People who quote commercial endorsers, The New York Times, big politicians, are leaning toward Clinton. People who tend to think for themselves and are excited
about politics are leaning toward Obama.

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normanmarkowitz said...

It is very late and I made three bad typos. It was 12:38, not 2:88 when I posted this piece.
Obama's rally was yesterday, not today. And things are getting interesting, not interested.

Everything else, including the Giants winning the Super Bowl, is accurate