Friday, February 1, 2008


By Elena Mora

In this election season, there are two words on everyone's lips: change,
and choice.

And people do have a big choice to make.

I'm not talking about the choice between Barack Obama or Hillary
Clinton, the first African American or the first woman president.

I'm talking about the choice between a Republican or a Democrat in the
White House; between four more years of George Bush's policies, or an
administration elected on the basis of the expressed desire of masses of
people for a peace and diplomacy, health care, public education, civil
and democratic rights.

Because that's the real choice that will make change -- real change --
possible. And it frames all the other choices we have to make.

Whether you choose Obama or Clinton, that other choice -- between a
Democrat and a Republican -- has to be front and center.

So to follow that logic, it's possible that my first choice – Obama –
will not win the nomination. It is possible that Clinton may. In which
case, to argue for Obama shouldn't mean you have to attack Clinton.

That the two top candidates of the Democratic primaries would be
"firsts" if elected should instill pride. We can be proud about what it
says about the American people that these two candidates are the front

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