Monday, June 2, 2008

National Endowment for Democracy Celebrates 25 years


What is the National Endowment for Democracy?

“Democracy building” is one of the core beliefs of neoconservatives. But what they call democracy and what most people think of as democracy bear very little resemblance to each other. Neoconservatives are obsessed to maintaining and expanding US power. It is about realizing their vision of a “New American Century.” See This is incompatible with real democracy in which the people of the world’s sovereign nations exercise their self-determination.

In order to “build democracy” and to insure US hegemony, it is necessary to provide mechanisms that will insure people in other countries elect those who will submit themselves willingly to the New American Century. In other words, the neocons need programs that will insure that other people will vote the “right” way. Thus, US democracy building programs are actually anti-democratic programs aimed at distorting and manipulating foreign elections to support US hegemony.

We know the NED promotes US imperialism rather than freedom, so you can join a campaign today that exposes the NED, the neocon agenda, and demands an alternative foreign policy.


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Anonymous said...

This is a valuable article. It is important to remember that the so-called Endowment for Democracy was established to do legally with taxpayers money what the Central Intelligence Agency had been doing covertly since its inception with taxpayers money--that is fund a variety of polical, social and cultural organizations among trade unionists and people in the arts sciences and professions through the world to fight in the name of "freedom," democracy," and in European countries in the early years, "the democratic left" mass anti-imperialist, anti-cold war, Communist and left socialist groups. The World Congress for Cultural Freedom and the original International Confederation of Free Trade Unions were the most important of these early CIA funded groups, but they were to be many others, including various "dissident" individuals in countries whom U.S. cold war policies were targetting