Sunday, June 29, 2008

Live Blogging from the National Committee of the CPUSA

Notes on the report of the CPUSA political action commission (6-29):

There is a huge political shift taking place in the country because of the sagging economy and discontent with the war in Iraq. But this shift is taking place in attitudes on a host of other issues too: health care, immigration policy, environmental issues, workers rights, and so on. Also, barriers of racism and sexism broken in the Democratic primaries with tens of millions of people turning out to vote for Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama.

Anti-racism sentiment is growing and the class unity concept is taking hold.

New forms of political activism especially on the Web are more prevalent.

John McCain represents four more years of George W. Bush's administration. He favors privatization of public services like Social Security and Medicare and the never ending war in Iraq. He gets most of his financial backing and political advice from the military and oil sectors of the capitalist class – the most dangerous section of the capitalist class. His political strategists include Karl Rove and Charlie Black, who represent his ties to the Bush administration and to the ultra right. His "base" includes big oil, Wall Street speculators, military contractors, PhARMA, and the very rich.

It is not enough to be against one candidate. A landslide victory will require active involvement in building organization and thought patterns for a Democratic victory.

The labor movement is pivotal to building the unity of voters against McCain and for Obama and stronger progressive and Democratic majorities in Congress.

The Communist Party is planning a pamphlet on McCain to help educate voters.

McCain is targeting Latino, women, and Jewish voters. He is having difficulties on all fronts. McCain abandoned comprehensive immigration reform for the hard right policy of border fences and punitive actions. His opposition on women's health issues and fair pay policies have limited his outreach to women voters. And his efforts to target older Jewish voters in swing states like Florida will fall flat as they learn about his call to privatize Social Security.

The corporate media is aiding McCain by playing up the idea that white voters won't vote for a Black candidate.

There is a qualitative difference between Obama and McCain and the defeat of McCain and the Republicans represent a setback for the ultra right.

The People's Weekly World discussion on race to help educate voters and to bring clarity on some of the complex problems involving race.

Obama campaign is unique because of the strong independent character. We do not agree with Obama on every issue, more differences will arise, and we should not expect to agree on everything. The Communist Party will present its own election program.

The peace movement has a special role to play in helping to win large progressive majorities in Congress.

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