Friday, June 27, 2008

Music Review: The Carolina Chocolate Drops

By Eric Green

The Carolina Chocolate Drops Rocks Brooklyn
Every so often you hear and see a new set of music makers that sets you back on your heals; and, at the same time clapping, singing and standing/dancing. In Prospect Park, Brooklyn, Friday nite, June 26, The Carolina Chocolate Drops captured the imagination and love of thousands of open air tough, music lovers. []

Led by the oldest performer of the three in the group, Rhianno Giddens, she is 31 years old, and joined by Justin Robinson and Dom Flemons, both 5 years her junior, this group is an African-American string band from the North Carolina Piedmont.

The group plays all of the important instruments: banjo, fiddle, jug, harmonica, snare and kazoo. Each of them is also an accomplished singer. Giddens and Robinson are from North Carolina and Flemons is now living in Inwood, New York City. The fiddle playing by Giddens and Robinson was just amazing.

And, to boot, both Flemons and Giddens did traditional dancing that you would expect from much older performers. Giddens and Robinson both sang a capella song.

Each of these three performers is not only well versed in their particular area music, researching their music heritage, but they nicely shared with the appreciative audience.

This is group of young performers who really enjoy what they are doing onstage and sharing with the audience.

This is brief review, but one which strongly encourages everyone to consult the group's website to see if they are performing in your area.

Fortunately for New Yorkers, we will be able to seem them again at Symphony Space at the end of 2008.

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