Monday, June 9, 2008

Laborers' Union Backs Obama

The Laborers' union (LIUNA) announced today that it is endorsing Barack Obama for president. The union, which did not endorse a candidate during the primary season, is a member of the Change to Win federation which did endorse Obama last March.

This from a LIUNA press release:

“The men and women of LIUNA, who go to work every day building and servicing America, will support a candidate that will stand up for working families. Senator Obama is that candidate,” said LIUNA General President Terence M. O’Sullivan. “He will fight for good jobs and a stronger economy, he will fight for the necessary resources to build our basic infrastructure, such as highways, bridges, dams and schoolhouses, and he will lead our country forward with health care reform and true retirement security.”

O’Sullivan said, “Senator Obama offers the promise of a new day in American politics, a day in which millions more working voters participate in the process and a day in which the voices of working people rise above corporate money in Washington, D.C.”

O’Sullivan said Obama’s honesty, integrity and leadership will bring about the change America needs to move the country in the right direction. “As a charismatic leader, Senator Obama will unite America around the politics of change and America certainly needs a change from the Bush Administration,” said O’Sullivan. “We look forward to joining together in communities around the country between now and November, to reach out to working families and put their issues in the forefront of a plan for change. Citizens of this country will feel the power of Obama’s commitment to improving the lives of working men and women.”

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