Sunday, June 29, 2008

Ebony Hillbillies

By Eric Green

Chocolate Drops Highlight Ebony Hillbillies

I failed to mention that at the Carolina Chocolate Drops concert in Prospect Park, a member of the Ebony Hillbillies was invited to join the Drops on stage.

Citing the Annual Black Banjo gathering that features African-American guitar and banjo players, the Chocolate Drops brought on stage a member of the Ebony Hillbillies. They met the Hillbillies at a recent gathering.

Subway straphangers are familiar with the Ebony Hillbillies. They have performed on more than one occasion below street level at the Times Square performance space. This is one of the most cherished performance spaces allowed by the New York City Transit system.

The Hillbillies are a remarkable string band and guitar and banjo players.

You can check on the whereabouts of the Hillbillies by "googling" their name.

Needless to say, their participation last Thursday nite was more than well received.

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