Friday, June 12, 2009

War Supplemental Coming Up for a Vote: speak up!

From United for Peace and Justice:

Voting on the supplemental is imminent, and the outcome is NOT a foregone conclusion.

That's why we're asking you once again to call your Congressional representatives and tell them to vote 'NO' on the bill, H.R. 2346.

This time, though, we don't want you just to call your own Congressional representatives. We also need you to reach out to representatives who remain undecided or are tentatively leaning 'YES' or 'NO'.

This can be done with Firedoglake's Citizen Whip Tool, which helps you find out where Democratic representatives are leaning on the Supplemental. The goal is to target those Democrats who are either 'Leaning NO', 'Undecided', or 'Leaning YES'. The major national peace and justice groups, with which UFPJ works, culled together this targeted list with your report-backs.

To reach the Capitol Switchboard, call this number: 202-224-3121.

Your phone calls made a big difference in the first round of votes, as 51 antiwar House Representatives voted against the Supplemental. And now, due partly to our pressure earlier this week, the Graham-Lieberman torture amendment will be taken out of the reconciliation bill. However, the IMF funding remains -- and most importantly, so does the funding for the wars and occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan.

That's why we need to make these calls, express our opposition to more war spending, and force our Congressional representatives to take a stand! Let's send a strong message to Washington: end these wars!