Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Kennedy Health Bill

by Phil E. Benjamin

Congressional Budget Office, the nonpartisen outfit that everyone seems to obey and believe, says that even if the Kennedy bill did become law ONLY 16 MILLION UNINSURED WOULD BECOME INSURED; LEAVING 36 MILLION WITHOUT INSURANCE.

This has shaken the rafters of Democratic reformers seeking a middle ground BETWEEN the heath industry and the demands of people in need of health care. It hasn't worked.

The Kennedy bill is slated to be released tomorrow, Wednesday, June 17th.

Clearly, to meet the requirement of lowering costs and to not cost too much in the form of new legislation, the insurance and drug cartels must be removed in whole or in part from the health proposals.

For example, to begin with, removing all the subsidies that the Medicare Advantage insurance carriers demand and thus removing them from the Medicare Program; and, having our government negotiate the price of drugs like what takes place in Medicaid and the Veterans Administration....both would bring BILLIONS in to our health system to use to cover the uninsured. That would be a start.

Let's hope the Democrats, in their "marking up period," move in that direction.

The peoples' pressure can make that happen.