Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Keeping up with Specter's flip-flops


Arlen Specter has switched teams in mid-season. He says he's ready to play the game as a true progressive, but after years of being the guy that George W. Bush called his "firm ally when it mattered most," a lot of us are waiting to see if he's ready to knock it out of the park on progressive issues or whether he'll strikeout when his vote really matters for the progressive team.

To keep track of Senator Specter's votes on key progressive issues, we've created a new website called Specter Scorecard (

Specter Scorecard will do two things:

It will keep you informed about key upcoming votes where Sen. Specter's vote will be vital to the success of the progressive position. We'll give you accurate information about the issue and we'll provide you with the opportunity to take action to help persuade Arlen to do the right thing.

We'll let you know how Sen. Specter has voted on important progressive issues since he made the switch. We'll display his "progressive batting average" and keep it updated when he takes votes on those issues.

To view the site, click here (