Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Euro Elections and the Greek Elections

The Greek Part of the Euro elections 2009

by Mike Tolochko

Below is the Greek part of the Euro Parliamentary elections. George Mavrikos is a member of the Greek Parliament from the Greek Communist Party; and, also head of the World Federation of Trade Unions.

Greece – Euroelections 2009

The results of the Elections June 7, 2009
Communist Party (KKE) 8.4% 2 Members in the European Parliament
Social–democrats (PASOK) 36.6% 8 Members in the European Parliament
Neo-liberals (ND) 32.3% 8 Members in the European Parliament
Racists (LAOS) 7.2% 2 Members in the European Parliament
Reformists (SYN) 4.7% 1 Member in the European Parliament
Ecologists 3.5% 1 Member in the European Parliament

In the national elections that took place in 2007 they had :
KKE 8.15%
PASOK 38.10%
ND 41.83%
SYN 5.04%
LAOS 3.80%

Some conclusions :
1. Observing the conditions of anticommunism within which the elections took place and the high number of abstention, the result for the KKE is positive.
2. The Communist Party of Greece has proved stability and strength and a slight rise of its percentage.
3. It maintained the 3rd place and all the attempts manipulated by the two big parties and the EU to put the KKE in the fifth position have failed.
4. The efforts of capitalists to strengthen substantially the ecologists and the reformists have failed.
5. The Central Committee met after the elections and suggested the motto "to strengthen the ties of the Party with the working class and the popular layers and the Youth - To strengthen the struggles."
6. The abstention from the elections is 48%. The biggest number of all times. The abstention expressed a protest for the policy of the EU but also a fatalism and disappointment. The abstention does not help the popular movement.
7. Even though the elections were for the European Parliament, they got the characteristics of national elections, with main topic of discussions the economic scandals of the two big parties (mostly the SIEMENS scandal).
8. The easiness by which all the big private TV channels support the two big parties is an additional prove that these two parties are the same. The role of the survey's companies also was a dirty one.
9. In conditions of international economic crisis some parts of workers become more militant and some other parts are scared and go backwards.
10. A worry phenomenon is the strengthening of the ultra-right, racist Party called LAOS, that occupied the 4th place. An urgent task of the popular movement is to prevent the growing of the neo-fascism in Europe and all over the world.

George Mavrikos
Athens June 9, 2009