Saturday, June 27, 2009

Book Review: When Will There Be Good News: Atkinson

by Eric Green

Book Review: When Will There Be Good News
Kate Atkinson
A Novel [Mystery]
Little Brown

For the growing number of Kate Atkinson fans, if they haven't already read her newest novel, "When Will There Be Good News" doesn't waste anytime doing so. It fits right into her novel/mystery world. In this one she has her main characters: Detective Chief Inspector Louse Monroe and ex-cop Jackson Brodie once again doing battle and getting the bad guys.

Her previous successes of Behind the Scenes at the Museum and Case Histories have another partner in success.

In this one Atkinson has a 16-year-old heroine, Reggie, taking us through many harrowing experiences; most of which no one would want to endure. But, for Reggie, given her own person and family history, it all made some kind of sense.

Her relationship with Dr. Joanna Hunter [Mason] and Hunter's husband Neil is complicated enough to keep your interest. And, of course, her brother makes her life a living hell.

Reggie's "mom" Mrs. McDonald has her set of complications that fit into the main disaster of the book, which Atkinson is also at the top of her form.

Weaving in the convicted molesters, Decker and Needler are a nice aspect and one, which goes through the book.

Brodie's wife, Tess Webb, the love of his life and the stability he had been looking for provides a final episode in the book.

Atkinson is truly a mystery novelist that just keeps making better and better worlds for her readings to enjoy. And, I should add, the reader learns even more about Scotland's world of Edinburgh and Glasgow

Keep 'em comin'.