Sunday, June 7, 2009

Ominous European Parliamentary Election Results

European Parliamentary Elections Send Ominous Message to Humanity

by Mike Tolochko

The results of the 2009 European Parliamentary elections are ominous. Word from Britain is that the Labor Party has suffered its worse loss since the turn of the LAST century, 1910. The Labor Party will get less than 20% of the vote.

In France, the Conservatives won 27%; the Socialist Party a paltry 16%; the Green Party 15% and the United Left Front, which includes the Communist Party of France, just 6%.

Given the crises taking place across the European continent, it was hoped that voters would reject the right wing, and some did, but clearly not enough. The French results were a real problem.

The future of our humanity is a stake.

As results come in from the various EU countries, we will post them here.

Also, as analyses come out, these will also be posted.

The specter of another economic crisis in Europe that could spawn a reaction that took place in the previous century must not happen. But, this is up to us.