Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Supreme Court delays hearing Troy Davis case

From Amnesty International:

Yesterday the U.S. Supreme Court delayed a decision on whether to grant Troy Davis an appeal until after it returns from recess in September. The court's decision (or non-decision) should be taken as a good sign. It gives us hope that at least some Supreme Court Justices may finally be waking up to the strong claims of innocence in this case and want to take more time to weigh the facts.

We are convinced that if the justices agree to hold a hearing and allow all evidence to be weighed, then they will come to see what we have known all along – the pieces just don't add up. When Davis was sentenced to death for the 1989 shooting of a police officer in Savannah, there was an absence of any physical evidence against him. Furthermore, the majority of witnesses who testified against him then, have now recanted or changed their stories altogether.

Troy's case continues to inspire the support of millions of activists and countless leaders speaking on behalf of human rights, including former President Jimmy Carter and Archbishop Desmond TuTu.

Our activism has already put the U.S. Supreme Court and Georgia officials on the fence. Now we've got to do all we can these next couple of months to guarantee justice for Troy Davis!

Join the thousands in Savannah, Georgia who are calling for the new District Attorney to reopen Troy's case.