Friday, April 3, 2009

Tell Rite-Aid stop unionbusting

Companies aren't supposed to attack workers who want a union, but Rite Aid and other employers are doing it every day. When 650 workers at Rite Aid's distribution center in Lancaster, CA, wanted to join a union to address problems like sweltering heat in the warehouse, the company threatened and fired them.

The federal government was preparing to charge Rite Aid with 49 labor law violations, but let the company off with a slap on the wrist. After workers prevailed and voted to join the International Longshore and Warehouse Union last March, Rite Aid continued the attacks. Now the company is refusing to sign a first contract and has hired an anti-union consulting firm to guide the company through the decertification process. This situation at Rite Aid is a perfect example of why passing the Employee Free Choice Act is so important.

We can't let Rite Aid succeed in its attempt to rob their workers of their right to collectively bargain. Please call or email today and tell Rite Aid CEO Mary Sammons it's time for Rite Aid to do the right thing: Respect workers rights, stop union busting, and sign a fair agreement.

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