Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Labor opens unemployment lifeline online

Hardworking families are struggling to get by, and too often, they don't know where to turn for help.

That's where the Unemployment LifeLine comes in. It's a one-stop guide that links workers to the resources in their area, from unemployment offices to veterans' services to child care. It also offers the opportunity to talk to others and share support and lessons learned.


We're not stopping there, though. Today's jobless workers need help now, and the Unemployment LifeLine is there to connect them with what they need. But if things are going to get better for all workers, we need to join together to push for more jobs, better jobs and a stronger economy. The Unemployment LifeLine will offer regular opportunities for action, empowering unemployed workers to make America's economy work for all.


Working America, along with the Working America Education Fund, the AFL-CIO and the AFL-CIO's Community Services staff, put this site together. With your help, it can keep growing. If you know of a resource that isn't on the site, we want to know about it, to spread the word further.