Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two actions on war and human rights

From Voters for Peace:

  1. First, we are urging Congress not to support the $83.5 billion supplemental for war funding in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. The request is 95% for military aid at a time when the U.S. needs to be shifting to diplomatic and humanitarian aid. The solution to the problems in these areas is going to be found in political solutions not military ones. In fact, the U.S. actually undermines political efforts with military attacks. Nearly every day we hear of civilians being killed by U.S. weapons. Did you know that drone attacks kill 70 civilians for every fighter killed? The three war fronts are costing the United States $12 billion each month. This is money we do not have and must borrow. The U.S. economy continues to collapse, with lost jobs, foreclosures and bankrupt businesses. We do not have the resources to be funding expensive and counterproductive wars.
  1. Second, we are urging Congress and the Obama administration to take action to hold those who created the torture policy and enabled it accountable. There are hearings planned in the Congress as well as reports being done on this issue in both the Congress and executive branch. But, in the end, in order to satisfy international laws which the U.S. has signed - there will have to be a criminal investigation. Voters for Peace wants to build the political pressure to have an independent criminal investigation - to take politics out of torture - so that the facts and the law determine the outcome.

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