Sunday, April 26, 2009

April 28th Doctors and Managers in Public Hospitals Demonstra tion; Prepare for MAY DAY

All of Europe Prepares for May Day of Struggle;

All of France's Unions, lead by the CGT, are United:

Tuesday, April 28; Public Hospitals Doctors; Department Leaders
Appeal for Support in Advanced Struggle Demonstration

by Phil E. Benjamin

This Tuesday, April 28th, Doctors and Department heads of all public hospitals will be demonstrating against the Sarkozy's privatization plans for public hospitals. This is the first time that these doctors and managers are joining together and appeal for general public support.

Nicholas Sarkozy, bowing to the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and the European Union, is continuing his disastrous privatization of the French health system. The French health system, awarded the top prize by the World Health Organization is being destroyed by neo-liberal, privatization.

This is very similar to the attempt to privatize the English health system by privatizing the financing of its hospitals. That direction was stalled by mass protests.

May Day

This all builds up to Friday's unprecedented united labor May Day demonstrations in Paris and around Europe.

Stay tuned for more on both.