Tuesday, March 18, 2008

McCain Plans Anti-union Presidency

Thomas Riggins

The AFL-CIO has come out in opposition to John McCain’s anti-union stance. “Senator McCain’s record shows he is in lockstep with President Bush on economic issues,” the political director of the union group, Karen Ackerman, announced. Ms. Ackerman pointed out that, “Our economy is in crisis after years of failed Bush administration policies that Senator McCain supports and has adopted as his own.” The AFL-CIO will concentrate its opposition to McCain’s run for office in 23 states with an emphasis on Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan, according to a report in The New York Times.

The Republican National Committee, referring to working people as a SPECIAL INTEREST GROUP, called on the Democratic front-runners, Clinton and Obama, to reject the campaign against Senator McCain. Evidently Big Business, the Military Industrial Complex, and the pro war minority that backs McCain’s attempt to gain the White House are NOT special interest groups!

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the Jaded Prole said...

To McCain and the Repugs, We as a class are as much the enemy as the folks they label "terrorists." Anti Union is Anti Worker and at a time when our class is suffering the effects of a collapsing market, being anti worker isn't going to help McCain.