Tuesday, March 25, 2008

John McCain Agrees with Osama bin Laden?

Campaigning in California on March 24, John McCain told reporters, according to MSNBC: "General Petraeus and I and Osama bin Laden are in agreement. It is hard to understand why Senator Clinton and Senator Obama do not understand that [Iraq is the central battleground]. I don't know if it is naiveté or what the problem is but it's obvious that they're dead wrong, and they're wrong when they say that we should leave Iraq immediately."

So...Gen. Petraeus, Osama bin Laden and John McCain agree? No matter what you think of the ongoing war in Afghanistan, and I oppose it, you have to wonder why McCain chose these words.

Of course Osama bin Laden agrees with George W. Bush and John McCain and wants Iraq to be the "central battleground" in the war on terror. He has good reason to suspect that a concerted international effort to hunt him down in Afghanistan and/or Pakistan would likely succeed in capturing him and the other real perpetrators of the 9/11 attacks.

Of course he wants to see the US waste its military prowess and treasure bogged down in the quagmire in Iraq.

Of course he prefers US troops wasted in a civil war that they should never have been sent to rather than pursuing him.

McCain's comment is baffling.

Of course in the context of his repeated blaming of Iran for supporting Al Qaeda last week, an erroneous claim he only corrected after Joe Lieberman whispered into his ear at a conference with reporters, McCain's " I agree with Osama" remark seems as equally inept.

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Anonymous said...

The important point is that that ultra-right insurgents and terrorists through the world fighting for impossible dream of a religious global empire and the ultra rightists in power in the U.S.A. fighting for the impossible dream of a global market in goods and labor controlled by U.S. corporations and investors and policed by the U.S. military need each other and re-enforce each other in their crackpot assumptions.
Bin Laden needs the war in Iraq and would love to see the U.S. fight a war against his clerical enemies in Iran. Bush and his corporate and especially oil buddies have profitted enormously from the war in Iraq and wouldn't, I think, mind taking a chance on what might be for them an even more profitable war against Iran, however destructive it may be. McCain is in his statements increasing becoming to Bush(whom he once fought in the Republican party) what many British anti-Iraq War people called Tony Blair in his relationship to Bush, that is Bush's poodle.
Norman Markowitz