Wednesday, March 19, 2008

7 in 10 Iraqis Want U.S. Troops Out

I am getting tired of the Bush administration and its clones (e.g. McCain) going on about how Iraqis still want us there.

According to a British media survey of Iraqis, after five years of war with no plans to bring it to an end, 70% of Iraqis want foreign troops out. About 6 in 10 Iraqis seek a smaller role for the U.S.

More Iraqis have a positive outlook, the survey also indicated. But what that means isn't entirely clear. If terrorist attacks in my town went from several thousand a month to a couple thousand a month, I might have a positive outlook too.

It is also unclear how sustainable positive outlooks are when U.S. policy is basically geared toward fomenting divisions by sect and forcing the Iraqi government to hand its oil resources over to private foreign companies, as Cheney did in his recent visit.


Harold said...

Cheney had the audacity to say that the invasion and occupation has been a successful venture. If you look at it through his lens, through a ruling class/corporate lens, he is absolutely right. The majority of the working class, I think, is smart enough to know better.

For example, if we were really trying to bring democracy to Iraq, then we would ave pulled out when it became clear that the majority of Iraqis no longer wanted the occupiers in their backyards. Iraqi voices would be the ones that matter if Iraq were democratic. It doesn't matter what i think or you think, it matters what Iraqis think, and if they want us out, then we should follow that command.

Why does it seem that some of my comments don't get through? I don't use any of the language "banned" above, but when I am somewhat critical of someone's post, my comments don't seem to show up. If this is being done purposely, that's ludicrous. Shouldn't this blog be about dialog? If you're only going to permit agreeable comments, than you may as well turn the comment section off.

Joel said...

We get occasional complaints about comments not being posting. I think it is a technical issue. I'd ask for patience rather than being quit to make accusations or imply some purposeful endeavor to block your voice.

Harold said...

I apologize. It only seemed purposeful because it only seems to happen when I offer (constructive, I think) criticism. Again, I apologize.

Thanks, Joel.