Sunday, March 16, 2008

French Elections: Slap in the Face of the Right/Sarkozy

by Mike Tolochko

The second round of municipal elections is about completed in France and the Sarkozy government has taken what the French are calling, � Big Slap in the Face.�

Over 100 cities will be changing hands from conserviative//right wing officials to united left/socialist leadership.

Cities like Narbonne, Carcasonne, Lille and Reims where the right wing has ruled for as much as decades were voted out in favor of united left and socialist candidates. In Lille the vote was over 66% for the left. The other margins were over 55%. These are landslide figures.

It is being seen as a vote against the Thatcherism of the Sarkozy government.

While Sarkozy has been quoted as saying he will continue with his radically conservative changes; it is clear that the people of France will be fighting against them.

The final results for Paris and cities will be known by 6PM NYC Time.

Stay tuned.

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