Wednesday, April 1, 2009

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Table of Contents
April 2009

Battle for the Budget

Battle for the Budget: Can the People Change Washington?
by Peter Zerner and Joel Wendland

Afghanistan and the Lessons of Soviet Intervention
by Norman Markowitz

Breaking Unhealthy Barriers: Community Health Centers and Working Families
by David Lawrence

No Excuses: Financial Crisis No Reason to Drop Immigration Reform Struggle
by Emile Schepers

A pesar de la crisis, no hay que abandonar la lucha por la reforma migratoria
por Emile Schepers

Why Buy American is Good Policy: An Interview with Scott Marshall
by Political Affairs

A Good-bye Kiss to the Blockade?
by Manuel Yepe

Obama, Race and the Future of US Politics
by Bob Wing

Perspectives and Challenges in Environmental Education
Ivonaldo Leite and Carlos Machado

Cultural Pluralism and the Left in Historical Perspective: An Interview with Gerald Meyer
by Political Affairs

Paul Robeson: Standing Tall Now, as Then
by John Pietaro

Is a Political-Economic Distinction Between Socialism and Communism Necessary?
by Erwin Marquit

The Problem of Transition: Development, Socialism and Lenin's NEP
by C. J. Atkins

Book Review: The Limits of Power
by Pamela Crossland

April Poetry