Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Networks host Clinton telethon

So the networks are calling the Pennsylvania primary for Hillary Clinton. They called it with less than 1 percent in. Now they are spending all this time saying it's about the spread, raising money and getting super delegates. The networks are helping Clinton be able to make the calls and tell her donors: they called it for me, now is the time to give (or declare yourself for me...if you are a super delegate). It's a Clinton telethon on MSNBC. And that's not me just saying it...Keith Olberman just did too.

Teresa Albano

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Anonymous said...

Yes, Terrie. Clinton was the establishment candidate from the beginning and she will until the end. It is a little bit like the old strategy that that the CIA used to promote in Europe during the 1950s. You want a conservative government and if you can't have that, a right-wing social democratic opposition controlling the main party that workers vote for. In the U.S. this means that you want McCain first, and if you can't have that, make sure that the other choice is Cliinton

Norman Markowitz