Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Miami University Staff and Students Demand Respect, Fair Pay

For the past 4 years, Students for Staff (SFS) has been leading a living wage campaign at Miami University.

Their goal? Be a part of a campus community that treats its workers with respect and dignity, and one that contributes positively to the local economy and the working people that keep it functioning.

In the past, when the issue of fighting poverty and implementing a living wage has come up, administrators have responded by saying, "Not here, Not now".

SFS and students on campus won't stand for that! Over the past school year, SFS has built more power, a stronger organization, and broader support from on/off campus individuals and organizations because they believe their Miami University is, can, and should be better than minimum and poverty level wages.

Recently, the Graduate Student Association, University Senate, and U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown have come out in support of the Living Wage campaign!

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